I Love Halloween (But I Curse Chocolate)

In a prior post, I shared my love for September. This extends to the fall in general. I love the colours…. love the crisp air… love the comfort foods… love the clothes (Hello sweaters, boots and coats – I’ve missed you!). I have also come to love Halloween. I’m not sure that this was always the case, but having kids changed everything.

I suppose that all children love Halloween… I mean, what’s not to like – playing dress-up, staying up late,  and eating candy? Sounds pretty good to me!

Despite having 10 cousins, my kids have only one cousin close in age – who they adore! Four years ago, we invited her to come trick-or-treating in our neighbourhood and a tradition was born. Every year, we invite all of my husband’s family to join us for the evening. The group varies from year-to-year, but we usually have somewhere around 15 people at our house. We order in food. The kids inhale something quickly so that they can get out the door. The older cousins have always been wonderful about accompanying them around the neighbourhood. And the grown-ups hang back and have a great evening.

I tell you all of this because what is typically just a frivolous, candy-filled day/evening has become somewhat of a family holiday for us. And I know, without a doubt, that the kids will always have wonderful memories of Halloween as a result.

Now, for my love/hate relationship with chocolate… For the most part, I subscribe to the adage of “all things in moderation”. Giving up any one food group has never worked for me. I once attempted the South Beach diet, which requires you to eliminate carbohydrates in the first phase. I lasted one day. On Day 2, I broke down and had a bagel for breakfast.

Fortunately, I tend to prefer healthy food – given the choice, I would pick a salad over fried foods every time. However, I have one very big weakness: chocolate!! I don’t typically buy it myself. But I am in big trouble if it enters the house through other means – e.g., as a gift, through my husband or kids, and Halloween. You see, it’s not just a matter of having one or two chocolates. I tend to eat them all – at once!  And damn those little Halloween chocolate bars… their deceptively small size allows me to justify eating five of them in one go!

My chocolate issues aside, I love this day and what it has come to represent.  My minion and firefighter are counting the hours until they can scour the neighbourhood with their cousins.

Happy Halloween!

One thought on “I Love Halloween (But I Curse Chocolate)

  1. I explained to my children that despite their nut allergies, they were NOT to turn down recces peanut butter cups and that I would selflessly take them off their hands for them. One for the team!

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