Here’s To Good Health!

My 7-year old daughter has stayed home from school every day this week.  She woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday complaining of a sore throat and I noticed that she was burning up.  She seemed to rebound during the day on Monday and I found myself doubting the decision to keep her home.  But the fever returned on Monday afternoon and has continued to rear its ugly head at odd hours of the day ever since – topping out at 104.9oF which was a little high for my liking.

I have been alternately giving my daughter Tylenol and Advil all week.  Shortly after the medication gets into her system, she becomes my normal, joyful little girl again – talking a mile a minute and wanting to do crafts.  But whenever I let too much time pass between doses, the fever returns and she becomes lethargic and withdrawn.

Bad mother that I am, I waited until today to take her to the doctor.  I tend to have a “tough it out” mindset which I realize shouldn’t extend to my daughter.   With a sore throat, cough and fever, her symptoms confounded the doctor.  She ended up concluding that the most likely explanation is strep throat and sent us off with a prescription.

Anyway, my point with this blog is not really to tell you about what is, by all accounts, a minor illness.  With antibiotics in hand, I know that my daughter will be back to her old self in a matter of days.  Rather, I write this to remind myself what a gift good health is – especially as it pertains to my children.  I know that it is something that I, all too often, take for granted.  All of my current worries and concerns would fade away if either one of my kids were ever to be seriously ill.

Up to this point, the worst illnesses that my kids have faced include the flu, ear infection and strep throat.  Pretty commonplace, really!  And I am so grateful for that – and for my beautiful, healthy children whose lives are filled with promise.  I will do my very best to remember how incredibly fortunate I am!!

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